Christy Kovacs

I have a profound love for the beauty and mystery of the earth and it’s inhabitants. I do my best to surround myself with colours, nature and creativity; whether it be collecting rocks while hanging out by one of my favourite lakes, compulsively bringing home brightly dyed yarns and papers or getting a little too enthusiastic about party decorations. Art and imagination have always been a part of my life in some way. I have recently been given the opportunity to focus on developing a creative career and I am very excited about it. Currently living in Calgary, Alberta - near to the mountains and lakes in one of the most picturesque and striking areas in Canada - I feel fortunate to be so close to such a great source of inspiration.

My interests are vast and I am constantly honing my skills. Drawing and painting have been main interests since I was a child while knitting is a recent addition to my repertoire and has quickly grown to be one of my favourite pastimes. Knitting appeals not only to my creative side but also my desire to make purposeful art. I look forward to executing ideas on how to integrate all sorts of different mediums and share the outcomes with you all!

Thank you for visiting me :)